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Pole Rigs

Wire Stem 


Use for fishing baits on the bottom with shotting patterns A,B,C,E

Carbon Stem 


Used for fishing through the water using shotting patterns D,F

Carbon short Stem 


Used for fishing margins or shallow using shotting patterns D,F for shallow and C,E for margins


A.  Bulk and 2 droppers -  gets the bait down quickly to bulk level then the last 2 droppers allow a slower fall.

B.  Spread Bulk  -  used for fishing with tow or on a gradient,keeps a tighter line to the hook bait.

C.  Bulk  -  placed near the hook keeps the bait pinned down,usually used when margin fishing. 

D.  Shirt button  -  allows the bait to fall slow and even,used when fishing through the water.

E.  Double Bulk  - used for fishing on the bottom when fish are feeding well.

E.  spread out  - similar to the shirt button but used for targeting fish in a certain layer of the water.

pole rig 8.jpg

pluming up is one of the most important processes when setting up and it should be done carefully and accurately to get the best out of your swim

The picture above shows the optimum at the base of the bristle but most would plumb up to the base of the body so there is a bit of movement allowed with the float before the bait is dislodged.

you may have to allow for tow on the day by laying more line on the bottom 

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