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Members Match Calendar Summer 2024

Adult Summer League 1 - 21st 
Junior and Pairs  1 - 27th

Junior and Pairs 2  25th 
Adult Summer League 2 - 26th

Junior and Pairs 3 - 6th 
Adult Summer League 3 - 7th

Junior committee cup  - 20th

Neil Roberts Memorial Trophy 28th

Adult Summer League  4 - 4th
Junior and Pairs 4 - 17th
Adult Summer League
  5 - 25th

Adult Summer League
  6 - 22nd

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All matches are limited to 20 anglers

All Draws 9.30 am , All in 1hr after draw completion for 5hrs

Please read the match rules before fishing

To be entitled to claim prizes at any Club League match you must have first taken

part in at least 2 league matches in the same season, any prizes not claimed

after all entitled anglers have chosen will then become available.


£2 entry fee ( side pool optional ) (optional £1 charity donation) 

competitors will be automatically entered into the carp and silvers and the silvers only league

Only 4 of the matches will count towards the league this is so people who may have to

work or holiday can miss any 2 of the matches and still be in with a shout.

If you fish all 6 you simply drop your 2 lowest scores.

Keep it simple tight lines.  

Running line Trophy

This is for any angler during the summer league who would like to fish rod and line only

Only 4 of the matches will count towards the league

you can choose on a match by match basis


 3 of the matches will count towards the league 

you can miss any 1 of the matches and still be in with a shout.

If you fish all 4 you simply drop your lowest score

50P entry fee  

peg 22 to 35 (the boards) will not be used

Adult Carp Match

 £2 entry fee ( side pool optional ).

The Carp cups will go to the best 3 weights   

Any method excluding floating baits

In keeping with the theme crucian carp will not be weighed  

Only Adult members will be allowed at the carp matches

The ladies league 

Points will be taken from the summer league 

Biggest fish

weight will be taken from all matches during the season

Specimen fish

competitors must ask the official if they wish to weigh any fish that

may qualify for the specimen cup.

The cup will be awarded to the competitor that weighs a fish that is

on a percentage basis closest to the BRFC uk national record 

The draw

if more than one disabled competitor intends to fish the disabled pegs

then they will be included in the draw and the disabled pegs will not be

available to able bodied competitors.

(disabled pegs are chosen at the competitors risk)

Summer League Match Format

Best 4 results count
Entry £2 
Side pool optional

Carp and silvers trophies 

Adult 1st to 3rd 

Junior Trophies
Junior league shield
junior match cups
Every angler is automatically entered

Silvers only trophies
The weight of mirror and common carp is subtracted 
Adult 1st to 3rd
Every angler is automatically entered

Ladies trophy 
1st place 
Highest placed lady in the carp and silver
all ladies are automatically entered

Specimen junior cup and Specimen Adult cup
Awarded to the angler that on a percentage basis 
weighs closest to the BRFC UK national record
Anglers must ask for fish to be weighed

Biggest fish trophy
Awarded to the angler that weighs the biggest fish
during all the summer matches (including carp matches)
automatic entry

Running line league Trophy
1st place
Awarded to the angler using rod and line only
must be registered at the draw
can be on a match by match basis

Carp cups

1st to 3rd on weight

Winter League 

1st to 3rd on accumulated points


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