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Club Rules and Information 2023 - 24

1. Members must close and lock the gates on entering and leaving. 

    (the exception being just before an official match were It may remain

     open until the draw has been completed or an official special event)

2. Juniors are limited to the use of one rod or pole.

3. Adults are limited to the use of two rods or poles.

4. Only Barbless hooks are allowed maximum Size 8, no treble or double hook setups allowed. 
    (club officials reserve the right to inspect end tackle).

5. Members must carry appropriate unhooking tools.


6. Landing nets must be used to prevent damaging fish while landing


7. Carp anglers must use a unhooking Mat and an appropriate landing net.


8. No bait tins on the bank.(please use plastic boxes).


9. You must not leave any litter and your peg must be left in clean and tidy state 
    It is your responsibility.

   (your card will be withdrawn)

10. No fish three pounds or over to be kept in a keep net.

11. Members must ensure that their catch is treated in a manner that returns
      it healthy and undamaged to the water.

12. All members must be able to show their membership cards when fishing if asked to by a

     club bailiff or club member showing his/her card.

     (if you are not able to show your card on the bank you will be asked to leave).

13 Any member Knowingly allowing a non member to fish will be referred to the committee.


14. Stalking is allowed as long as all members in the vicinity agree


15. No fires on the bank

     (With the exception of official works parties).

     (no tolerance on this matter your card will be withdrawn) 

16. Dogs must be kept on a lead.


17. Members must obey all official club signs or notices.


18. Juniors must be accompanied by an Adult member when night fishing


19. Juniors may not use keepnets (the exception being in a junior match).


20. Any member found removing fish for consumption or stocking of other waters will be

     asked to leave and it may result in a criminal prosecution


21. Members must ensure that any rigs used will become detached from a fish in

     the event of a line failure.


22. Members that do not comply with a reasonable request made by an official of Brymbo Angling Club

      will be referred to the committee.


23. Any member found intentionally damaging club property will be asked to leave and it may result        

      in a criminal prosecution.(fish are also classed as club property)

24. When an official match has been scheduled then fishing will not be allowed from 12 midnight until after the draw           has been completed then fishing by members not wishing to take part will be allowed if it is agreed with the match       official and the member will fish an area and a method that will not interfere with the match participants or                   outcome.

(I.E. surface floating baits)


25. Keepnets are not allowed from May 1st to 15th June inclusive


26 Keepnets , landing nets and other equipment that could be carrying disease must be dry when arriving at the pool.

(club officials reserve the right to inspect).

27. Keepnets must be stretched out on the bank behind your peg for at least 20 minutes before entering the water     



Please respect our bailiffs they are upholding these rules which apply to every member.


Minor works parties will sometimes be carrying out maintenance tasks. 


Removal of weed from your intended swim is allowed as long as all other anglers

in the vicinity agree. 


Please use the club’s facebook page, the club’s website ,local tackle shops and the

notice boards placed at the entrance to the pool to keep yourself informed on matters

that may affect the club or pool.


meetings are open to all adult members please attend were possible. 


juniors can voice there opinions via proxy(an adult member friend or committee member).


Please do not disturb other members by taking an inappropriate route to your intended peg.


If you are intending to fish a match please make yourself aware of the match rules


Please do not discard fishing line (wrap it in tinfoil or place in a plastic bag) look after our wildlife


  Vehicles are parked on the pool grounds at the owners risk.

The club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal equipment or belongings.


Please ensure that you understand all of the above fully before fishing  

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