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Sweepstake Series Match Rules 

1.    Participants to be at the pool side at draw time unless prearranged with the match official.

2.    The Minimum to constitute a match will be at the discretion of the match official. 

3.    Competitors are allowed 1 rod/pole 

4.    Plumbing the water depth or an unbaited test cast is allowed prior to “all in“ being called.

5.    No pre-baiting allowed 

6.    Keepnets must be dry at the draw

7.    Competitors will have 15 additional minutes to land a fish that was hooked before “all out” was called. 

8.    Competitors fishing area is deemed by an imaginary line between them and the next peg.

9.    Each weigh-in is undertaken by a match official and one other member.

10.    Accidentally foul hooked fish may be weighed.

11.    Any member found trying to intentionally foul hook fish will be disqualified.

12    The club rules apply were there is no contradiction, the match rules take precedence.

13.    The use of floating baits ,blood-worm or Joker baits are not allowed.

14.    The match will start when the match official calls “all in” and end at the call of  “all out”.

15.    Any decision by the match official will be final.

16.    The draw will be a rover draw (all unoccupied pegs will be available) 

17.    The match duration will be as previously stated unless agreed by the majority 

18.     No fish 5 pounds or over to be kept in a keepnet

19.    The use of a keepnet is allowed during the close season

20.    The match official can nominate any willing member to act as a match official.

21.    Any matches Cancelled for weather will not be re-arranged (the exception being the sweepstake series final) this will be at the discretion of the match official and is usually based on safety grounds or the pool being iced over.

22.    The final will comprise of the top 2 weights from each match and the 2 best non qualifying weights from all the matches fished The best non qualifying weights will be increased by 2 for every match cancelled and not re-arranged, (if there is a draw for the best weight then the combined next best weight of the competitors will be used until the draw is resolved).

( please note the above will include DNF (Did Not Fish) as a combined weight)

23. you must fish a minimum of 3 matches or pay 3 entry fees to qualify for the final, This will be reduced by 1 for every match cancelled  

24. entry fee will be £8 

Please ensure that you understand all of the above fully before fishing

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